Sacred Womb

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Sacred Womb was created to relieve a broad range of female imbalances, from menstrual irregularities to menopausal conditions. This harmonization formula smoothes and regulates the flow of Qi (chi) and blood while calming the emotions. Dang Gui, known as the queen of herbs, is the Emperor (the leading herb) in this tonic followed by Rehmannia... both very powerful blood regulators. The Mentha aids in cooling the blood while calming the emotions, making this an excellent tonic for relieving hot flashes, body aches and night sweats. Used daily this is a perfect tonic for women's health. Remember, women find this formulation excellent for a myriad of women's health issues.

• Relieves a broad range of female imbalances
• Builds, regulates and strengthens the blood
• Vitalizes, smoothes and regulates the flow of Qi and blood while calming the emotions
• Can alleviate menstrual irregularities, i.e., bloating, distention, aching at the abdomen
• Relieves liver stagnation and congestion, while reducing tension and fire
• Helps cool the blood, eliminating/reducing the tendency of purged liver toxins that cause surface heat reactions such as headaches, rashes and hot flashes
• Relieves blood deficiency with the presence of liver heat, which result in hot palms and soles of feet, body aches, bitter taste in mouth, dry throat, night sweats, wiry pulse...
• Reduces excessive emotionalism
• Effective in relieving spasms and cramps and smooth skeletal muscles
• Normalizing effect on water metabolism, helping to move moisture and reduce edema
• Strong effect on bloating caused by sugar intake
• Decreases appetite

Spiritual Intention, Dang Gui, Raw Rhemmania, Wild Reishi Mushroom, White PeonyRoot, Bupleurum, Moutan, Gardenia, Mentha, White Atractylodes, Poria, Dried Ginger, Licorice Root, Organic Raw Honey & Much Love.