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Our form of ORGANIC IODINE is a pure sea plankton complex. Inspired by special request of one of Atlanta's premier Naturopaths, we created this extract as one of the most potent on the market. This herb-food is sea-weed that stimulates the thyroid gland, thus increasing the basic balance of metabolism. It assists the problem of lipid balance associated with obesity and thus is an excellent extract or component of weight loss formulas. It has therapeutic qualities of being hypoactive, anti-rheumatic and demulcent.

It has also been historically used for arteriosclerosis and digestive disorders and has important intestinal and cardiovascular cleaning qualities. Iodine may be helpful in women who have excessive estrogen secretion or predisposed to estrogen sensitive conditions. It is also adopted and used by many Naturopaths for significantly assisting those with ADD and ADHD.

The recent earthquake disaster in Japan released radioactive contaminants into the environment. Iodine is an effective preventive and therapeutic substance against radiation and heavy metals and stops the absorption of radioactive bi-products and helps the glands, particularly the thyroid, to stay healthy. Brown sea vegetables such as kelp are the most effective sources of natural iodine. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommends that you ingest 3 ounces of Kelp per week or take a daily supplement of Sodium Alginate (found in Kelp). This is a conventional mainstream recommendation because they know the planet is toxic.

If there is insufficient iodine in the diet radioactive iodine-131 will be absorbed and collected in the thyroid gland. ( Even if radioactive iodine is absorbed by the thyroid, taking natural iodine helps offset the side effects of exposure. It is important to note that Iodine is leached from the thyroid gland by drinking chlorinated water.

In these days, there is probably no greater general interest subject than thyroid function. It has long been known that in the absence of iodine, the thyroid will begin to swell, producing what is called a goiter. In certain areas of the U.S. where there is no iodine in the soil and therefore none in the food consumed, we had what was called the goiter belt, because so many of the residents developed goiters.

For the above reasons we feel it necessary to claim Organic Iodine as a part of your daily regimen. Our planetary environment is becoming more toxic every day. We must ingest those substances that protect us from the harmful effects of an unnatural natural world.


• Stimulates the thyroid
• Promotes weight loss
• It has recently become an excellent choice for helping block radiation absorption.
• Cardiovascular cleansing
• Prevents Arteriosclerosis
• Helps regulate digestive disorders
• Maintains healthy blood levels
• Healthy cholesterol levels
• Helpful for women with excessive estrogen secretion or estrogen sensitive conditions
• Prevents Goiters
• Improves energy
• Balances mood swings
• Improves mental concentration and focus
• Assists with ADD and ADHD

Bladderwrack, Kelp, Laminaria, Ascophilum, Mentha