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MAN-CHI is a powerful Ginseng Qi (Chi)-Complex. It is pure raw Ginseng Extract made with 6 different blends from the finest Ginseng roots; Chang Bai White and Red Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, Prince Ginseng, Notoginseng and American Ginseng. The sacred wild Rhodiola herb is also used in this extract as an assisting herb. Our MAN-CHI was intentionally created with the pure Ginseng lover in mind. As a very strong and concentrated formula, Man-Chi is for the Ginseng lover who loves their Ginseng strong. This extract promises long lasting exuberant energy-without the crash. This unique connoisseur extract is perfect for an overall physical and mental rejuvenation. It is excellent for the athletic and high active lifestyle. As a Qi (energy) tonic, men now have access to the ultimate adaptogenic extract.

• Excellent for tonic for men
• Improves physical endurance
• Improves brain power and memory
• Speeds up healing ability
• Adaptogenic benefits
• Anti-aging and Longevity
• Enhances libido
• Improves ability to handle stress

Siberian Ginseng, Chang Bai Red and White Ginseng, American Ginseng, Notoginseng, Wild Tibetan Rhodiola, Jujube Date and Much Love.