Ginseng Plus

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Ginseng is the most popular and widely respected herb in the world. Our GINSENG PLUS is Ginseng at its finest! Ginseng lovers expect lasting exuberant energy...without the crash. This unique connoisseur formulation also boosts the body's defenses against stress, stimulates mental and physical activity, improves accuracy of work, prevents fatigue, improves memory, strengthens visual acuity, and enhances libido. Our GINSENG PLUS is made with 6 different superior varieties of Ginseng PLUS other equally phenomenally superior tonic herbs, i.e., Wild Reishi Mushroom, Wild Tibetan Rhodiola, and prized Wild Snow Lotus, Cordyceps and Elk Antler. It is a Qi (energy) tonic and an ultimate adaptogenic. It is routinely used by people with high stress lifestyles because it provides an abundance of both quick and long term energy that result in an improved ability to handle stress. Because of its broad spectrum qualities, it is sometime referred to as a panacea.

• Excellent for men & women
• Helps restore cellular energy levels after adapting to stress
• Improves physical endurance
• Improves structural integrity
• Improves brain power and memory
• Speeds up healing ability
• Adaptogenic benefits
• Anti-aging and Longevity
• Enhances Libido and endurance
• Reduces Age Spots
• Balances Liver Disorders
• Assists in Ulcer Imbalance
• Helps regulate blood pressure whether high or low
• Relieves Depression

Chang Bai Red and White Ginseng, American Ginseng, Notoginseng, Wild Tibetan Rhodiola, Siberian Ginseng , Wild Red Reishi, Cordyceps ,*Elk Antler, Snow Lotus, Schizandra, Red Asparagus, Lycium, Jujube Date, Licorice, Royal Jelly, Raw Organic Honey and Much Love.