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For My Woman ‚¬" is a powerful and effective virility tonic for men. It was created for the man who desires to naturally enhance his sex life through increased libido and vitality. It is an all natural product based on a Classic Chinese herbal formula. For My Woman is considered the healthy alternative to the celebrated blue pill. It consists of some of the most expensive and rare Chinese herbs, including many magnificent herbal aphrodisiacs. This formulation provides a wholistic cultivation of the organs, with emphasis on endurance and virility. These herbs promote a balancing of the male hormonal systems for heightened awareness and sensation. Note: FOR MY WOMAN is an excellent compliment to Empress Elixir, our female virility tonic.


• Powerful natural aphrodisiac
• Dramatically relieves impotence & erectile dysfunction
• Increases frequency of sexual intercourse for men
• Enhances sexual performance
• Increases intensity of orgasm and prevents premature ejaculation in men
• Helps to overcome sexual dysfunction naturally
• Boosts sexual pleasure and unleashes and builds stored testosterone
• Invigorates the sexual vitality and Yang-energy
• Strengthens the reproductive system
• Promotes sperm motility
• Dramatically increases sperm count and fertility
• Experience an accumulative effect over time

Spiritual Intentions, *Elk Antler, Chang Bai White Ginseng, Cordyceps, Epimedium, Wild Morinda Root, Wild Astragalus, Prepared Aconite, Wild Eucommia Bark, Wild Schizandra, Polygala Root, Cistances, Lycium, Cynomoreium, Cindium,Cornus, Gynostemma, Rehmannia, Polygonum Multiflori, Maca, Dendrobrium, Raw Organic Honey, other supportive herbs and Much Love.

*NOTE: Our Canadian source of Elk is not killed for their antler. They are raised like pets and are especially cared for because their antlers are very valuable. The soft antler of the deer is removed (seemingly painless; like hair or nails) from the deer when it has grown just two or three spikes and is still covered by velvet. The deer grows new antlers that same season, which are not harvested. The tip of the antler is the most potent part because it contains the most active substances for all forms of regeneration. The Remembered Foods uses deer/elk because of its very unique regeneration properties, however, we will never participate in the cruelty of animals to make any of our products and to date, Elk Antler is the only animal bi-product used in our products. (See Pantocrin Frequency)