For Healers Only

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For Healers Only offers a new way to provide both protection and regeneration before and after every healing session. Healers, The Remembered Foods has created a powerful natural method to replenish our chi supply. We are constantly extending and giving of our sacred essence. It is a good health practice to take in herbal protectors that safeguard our potential to become weakened from exposure to the negative energies and dis-eases of others. Taking For Healers Only, before and after healing sessions, will replenish that which is depleted, in addition to adding vital protection. This allows us to continue extending our service of giving...without the negative repercussions.

However, keep in mind that this formula was specifically created for healers...but CAN BE USED BY ANYONE! It is excellent for STRESS RELIEF and for grounding your energy. Non healers also encounter times when it is necessary to clear the negative energy around them...For Healers Only will get the job done!


• Adaptability
• Boosts overall immune functions
• Resilience
• Replenishes depleted Qi
• Stimulates and regulates both the Central Nervous System and the Endocrine system
• Rich in nutrition and medicine that feeds the organs; heart, liver, kidney, lungs & spleen
• Anti-inflammatory
• Helps remove toxins from the liver
• Improves a person's capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen
• Enhances inner spiritual power and
the power of concentration
• Physical endurance
• Relieves mental stress
• Helps calm the mind, ease tension, strengthen the nerves and digestive tract
• Nourishes the lungs, skin and stomach
• Preserves youthfulness, promotes longevity

Wild Reishi Mushroom, Dang Gui, Rehmannia, Polygonum, Red & White Chang Bai Ginseng, Lycium, Cordyceps, Wild Rhodiola, Snow Lotus, Cinnamon Bark, Gynostemma, Schizandra, Dendrobium, Rhizoma, Pearl Powder, Astragulus, Longan, Rhizoma, Cnidium Fructus, Morinda Radix, Poria, Licorice, Rhizoma Cimicfugae, Crataegi,Poria, Morinda, Ligusticum, plus other supportive herbs.