Parasite Detox & Fasting Protocol

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Kayah and I routinely fast every Solstice and Equinox. We do this to detox our systems and give our bodies a break from eating and ingesting more toxins in the body.  (At this time, especially in the US, food is more of a toxin than it is a nutrient). Sometimes we will do an all-liquid & tonic fast...and sometimes we do all raw foods and tonics. This practice of nutrition fasting is very healthful for maintenance and prevention...and preparing the body to fight its own battles and repair itself. To support you through whatever fasting or detox journey you may be traveling, we suggest KRYPTONITE, BLOOD REGENERATING w/ SHILAJIT, & MIRACLE EMERALD GREENS 10TH POWER (MEG-10).  We also highly recommend the medium and larger size protocols because if you are seriously dealing with parasites or have had the symptoms for a long time, the small sizes will not be enough.  The small sizes are for maintenance and prevention.  

As you fast and purge your body, The Blood Regenerating is for cleansing and regenerating the blood. It nourishes and vitalizes your cells and fortifies the 5 major organs (heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, and spleen). The MEG-10 provides supplemental nutritional support for our fast. This is important because as we know if the minerals are not in the soil...they're not in the plant. We may be eating raw fruits and veggies, but they most likely will be missing vital nutrients. This green food along with 77 plant-derived minerals (PDM), ensures a complete nutritional system during your fast. Also loaded with Chinese Herbs and 16 Medicinal Mushrooms, these supply additional layers of powerful plant medicine. The Miracle Emerald Greens 10th Power provides dense phytonutrients that help suppress the appetite, making your fast or detox more enjoyable...and easier to extend if you choose. Lastly, Kryptonite helps eliminate the parasites and their eggs. We are all prey to unwanted parasites that wreak havoc throughout the body.   Kryptonite is also an excellent Blood Detox...providing yet another layer of blood cleansing. Together these 3 powerful formulas will support you through how many days you choose to detox...and beyond! Come on and join us! Now is always a good time! **We also suggest taking the herbal laxative of choice, coffee enemas, or colonic irrigations during this time.

Enjoy your Detox!  Our prayers are with you!

Your Personal Herbalists
Baratunde & Kayah

STOMACH & INTESTINAL COMPLICATIONS - The sheer number of parasites in the lower digestive system and the toxic waste produced by them can cause these problems:
Chronic Constipation
Gas & Bloating
Digestive Problems
Excessive Early Bowel Movements (very explosive bowel movements very soon after eating)
Abdominal Pain
Mucus in the Stools
Leaky Gut
Burning in the Stomach
Bloody Stools

FATIGUE - The toxic metabolic waste overloads and overworks the organs of elimination and taxes the central nervous system causing:
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Low Energy
Excessive Weakness

SKIN DISORDERS & ALLERGIES - Parasites that penetrate the skin cause itching. When tissue becomes inflamed from these parasites, the body's white blood cells increase to defend the body. This reaction causes skin rashes and food allergies to appear. Parasites also create toxins and the skin, being the largest organ, tries to remove these toxins which cause many skin problems. Symptoms include:
Dry Skin
Dry Hair
Brittle Hair
Hair Loss
Itchy Nose
Itchy Anus
Itchy Skin
Allergic Reactions to Food
Crawling Sensation Under the Skin
Weeping Eczema
Cutaneous Ulcers
Papular Lesions

MOOD & ANXIETY PROBLEMS - Once again, it's the toxic metabolic waste produced by the parasites that attack the central nervous system causing:
Mood Swings
Unclear Thinking
Slow Reflexes

SLEEP DISTURBANCES - The physical presence of the parasites themselves are a nuisance to the human body. The body reacts to them during periods of rest, this in turn produces:
Teeth Grinding During Sleep
Bed Wetting
Drooling While Asleep
Disturbed Sleep - Multiple Awakenings

WEIGHT & APPETITE PROBLEMS - Parasites live undetected by their hosts. They rob the body of all essential nutrients (they get the choicest nutrition from the food you eat) and you are left with the fats, sugars, etc. Many overweight persons are infested with parasites, they stay hungry which leads to overeating because of the parasites. Depending on the type of parasite infestation, many people are malnourished, they can't gain weight, again, because of the parasites. This is why parasites cause:
Weight Gain
Long-Standing Obesity
Loss of Appetite OR Uncontrollable Hunger Eating More Than Normal BUT Still Feeling Hungry
Inability to Gain or Lose Weight

MUSCLE & JOINT COMPLAINTS - Parasites can travel to almost all soft tissue including in the joints and muscles where they cause cysts and inflammation that is commonly mistaken as arthritis and muscle pain. The toxins from parasites can also pool in the joints and in muscle tissue causing:
Muscle Pain
Joint Pain
Muscle Cramping
Numbness of the Hands and/or Feet
Heart Pain
Pain in The Navel
Pain in the Back, Thighs or Shoulders
Arthritic Pains
Fast Heartbeat

BLOOD DISORDERS - The parasites get the good vitamins, including iron, leading to:

SEXUAL & REPRODUCTIVE PROBLEMS - With a weakened immune system caused by parasites and their waste you also can experience:
Male Impotence
Erectile Dysfunction
Candida - Yeast Infections
Urinary Tract Infections
Cysts & Fibroids
Menstrual Problems
Prostate Problems
Water Retention

OTHER SYMPTOMS - More health problems caused by parasites:
Excessive Saliva
Unclear Vision
Bad Breath
Poor Immune Response
Respiratory Problems
Chronic Viral or Bacterial Symptoms
Body Odor

• Complete nutritional system for all ages
• Provides phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, and high degrees of chlorophyll
• Highly oxygenates and alkalines the entire body
• Excellent natural supplement for osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, low energy and gaseous stomach
• Excellent cancer supplement
• Feeds and stimulates cell growth
• Slows down aging
• Speeds up healing process
• Perfect for fasting or dieting
• Strengthens the physical, mental and emotional bodies
• Naturally maintains overall health of the body
• Broad spectrum and considered an overall general panacea
• Great for Pets!

• Anti-cancer
• Anti-tumor
• Anti-diabetic
• Immune enhancing
• Anti-viral
• Anti-bacterial
• Anti-oxidant
• Lowers blood pressure
• Powerful nerve tonic enhances sexual virility
• Reduces stress
• Anti-fatiguing
• Cholesterol reducing
• Anti-candida
• Anti-aging
• Enhances the oxygen-absorbing capacity in the lungs thereby enhancing stamina
• Strengthens cardiovascular
• Strengthens kidneys, liver, and lungs

KRYPTONITE: Wild whole Black Walnut, Organic Woodworm, Organic Cloves, Organic Neem, Vitamin C, and Wild Jamaican Bitter Bark.

BLOOD REGENERATING W/ SHILAJIT: Wild Red Reishi, Polygonum, Steamed, Rehmannia, *Elk Antler, Lycium, Wild Rhodiola, Wild Astragalus, Wild Dang Gui, Chang Bai Red & White Ginseng, Gynostemma, Moringa, American Ginseng, Schizandra, Noni, Cordyceps, Wild Codonopsis, Wild Notoginseng, Wild Eucommia Bark, Red Asparagus, Poria, Snow Lotus, Longan, Pearl, Citrus, Cuscuta, Cinnamon, Royal Jelly, 77 Plant Derived Minerals, Organic Honey & Love

MIRACLE EMERALD GREENS 10TH POWER (MEG-10): Organic Cracked Chlorella, Blue-Green Algae, Spirulina, Alfalfa Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Kelp, Dulse Leaf, Spinach

CRÈME DE LA CRÈME CHINESE HERBS: Ginseng Leaf, Gynostemma, Wild Tibetan Rhodiola, Wild Schizandra, Ginko Leaf, Siberian Ginseng, Astragalus, Fo Ti

SUPER ANTI-OXIDANTS: Grape Seed, Grape Skin



16 MEDICINAL MUSHROOM BLEND: Wild Red Reishi Mushroom, Maitake, Cordyceps, Turkey-Tail, Blazei, Enoki, Suehirotake, Birch Polypore, Oyster, Shiitake, Lion's Mane, Chaga, Agarikon, and the True Tinder Polypore, Tremella, Ganaderma Applanatum

PLUS: 77 Plant Derived Minerals, Diatomaceous Earth Jamaican Noni, Beet Root, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel