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We are pleased to announce our Deep Immune Modulating upgrade which now includes the very powerful and effective ingredient, Fucoidan! Deep Immune Modulating is now DEEP IMMUNE WITH FUCOIDAN and now has an enhanced effect on malignant cells, which is why Baratunde The Herbalist has included Fucoidan with the most powerful medicinal mushroom formula available for all mutagenic cellular protocols. There comes a time when just the right blend is necessary to reach the desired results.

This very special formula of Fucoidan and medicinal mushrooms is blended to deeply impact cellular health and regeneration. Each one of our exceptional immune building and stimulating medicinal mushrooms have a long, safe and effective history for ridding abnormal cells in the body; REISHI, ARCTIC CHAGA, MAITAKE, TURKEY-TAIL, MESHIMA and SHIITAKE. Unlike our Majestic Mushrooms -16 formula, which is used primarily for maintenance and prevention, this powerful medicinal mushroom tonic is used specifically to rectify DEEP IMMUNE cellular imbalances, mutagenic (capable of inducing mutated cells) issues.

Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide found mainly in various species of brown algae and brown seaweed and used medicinally for a wide variety of health purposes. It’s gaining popularity due to its effective uses on malignant cells. It is an expensive ingredient to add to the formula but the results are well worth the expense.

The health benefits of Fucoidan have been published in more than 600 scientific articles in The National Library of Medicine. Fucoidan content in brown seaweed has been proven to cause certain types of rapidly growing mutagenic cells (cancerous) to self-destruct, according to the Biomedical Research Laboratories of Takara Shuzo and the Research Institute for Glycotechnology Advancement.

This phenomenon of malignant cell “self-destruction” is known as apoptosis, which is caused by a mechanism that is programmed into the nature of the cells themselves. When the apoptosis mechanism is triggered within a cell, the cell’s DNA or genetic blueprint is rendered useless, and therefore destroyed! Apoptosis has been referred as the natural process through which living organisms destroys the harmful cells.

For many cell diseases, Fucoidan has an inhibitory effect on tumor cells infecting healthy cells. It has even been shown in some studies to induce malignant cell apoptosis (cell death). Fucoidan has also been known to stop the spread of certain malignant cells (such as the lungs) from spreading throughout the body by blocking these malignant cells from using biological pathways in the body.

While Fucoidan has a number of anti-cancer qualities, it also has properties that help provide relief from some of the harmful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. One of the major downsides to these forms of treatment is that they inadvertently target bone marrow cells. Since bone marrow cells are responsible for creating white blood cells, the immune system can be compromised by rigorous malignant cell treatments. People undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments are susceptible to infections because of their weakened immune systems. Some studies have shown that Fucoidan is capable of boosting the immune system to normal levels, or even slightly above normal levels, in patients undergoing chemo and radiation.

In addition to the Fucoidan, the additional 6 immune modulating mushrooms contain some of Mother Nature’s most potent polysaccharides for strengthening the immune system. Mushrooms are sometimes feared by misinformation for merely being in the fungus family. Keep in mind there are psycho-active mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms, culinary mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms. We have available the highest medicinal quality of a powder blend using 6 mushrooms proven to fight malignant cells. Research has shown that using a blend of medicinal mushrooms greatly increases the property’s effectiveness, compared to using mushrooms singularly.

There are vast examples confirmed by modern science, whereby consistent uses of mushrooms have been very effective in improving human health. This formula increases natural killer (NK) cell action and interferon, anti-viral, and liver fortifying. Research indicates mushrooms are useful for fighting mutagenic cells, immune stimulation, cholesterol reduction and the treatment of HIV and also has been suggested for the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

Among other benefits, many studies have shown that these constituents are anti-tumor, anti-diabetic, immune enhancing, anti-viral, anti-fatiguing, cholesterol reducing, anti-Candida, anti-aging, and enhance the oxygen-absorbing capacity in the lungs, thereby enhancing stamina. Our powerful blend has an impressive array of polysaccharides that stimulate a response to the immune system to awaken the body’s natural defenses thereby improving health and longevity.

Also in this powerful impressive line-up of ingredients that make up this deep immune product is pure Diatomaceous Earth, (DE). DE captures and removes excretion by-products and efficiently purges the dead cells, heavy metals and toxin refuse from the body. Additionally, as it passes the digestive tract, it attracts and absorbs pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi. It also absorbs and removes pesticides, heavy metals, and drug residues.

A necessary essential to life are minerals. It has been said that you can trace every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency. Our 77 Plant Derived Minerals are 100% natural humic soil composed of 50 million years of prehistoric plant minerals no longer found in soil. Minerals are involved in several metabolic functions that occur within the human body. Several minerals are components of enzymes (protein based molecules that speed up a chemical reaction in a living organism) which act as catalysts for many of the chemical reactions that occur within the body. Minerals also regulate and manage the normal function of human and animal organs, muscles, and tissues…making these very very necessary for cell regeneration and speedy recovery.

If you or a loved one is in need of a malignant cell apoptosis (cell death) protocol, this formula has the best that Mother Nature has to offer. DEEP IMMUNE WITH FUCOIDAN… when it’s time to condition the body to fight its own battles!


• DEEP IMMUNE modulating
• Causes certain types of rapidly growing mutagenic cells (cancerous) to self-destruct, known as apoptosis
• Stops the spread of certain malignant cells (such as the lungs) from spreading throughout the body
• Provides relief from some of the harmful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
• Boosts the immune system to normal levels, or even slightly above normal levels, in patients undergoing chemo and radiation.
• Anti-tumor
• Anti-diabetic
• Anti-viral properties, prevents viral infections
• Anti-bacterial
• Anti-Inflammatory
• Anti-oxidant
• Anti-fungus
• Great for regenerating new vitalized cells after chemotherapy
• Lowers blood pressure
• Strengthens cardiovascular
• Anti-fatiguing
• Cholesterol reducing
• Anti-Candida
• Strengthens kidneys, liver and lungs
• Powerful nerve tonic
• Reduces stress
• Essential Minerals
• removes pesticides, heavy metals, and drug residues
• Enhances the oxygen-absorbing capacity in the lungs thereby enhancing stamina

This formula is highly recommended for all cancer protocols