Cordyceps Sinensis Powder

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Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom that has widespread activities as a health tonic.   It has been known in China for nearly 2000 years as an aphrodisiac and was viewed as magical by the Chinese and was thought to impart immortality to the dead.  

Cordyceps have become very popular in sports nutrition due to claims by Olympic athletes that it increases their physical endurance.   This is because Cordyceps increases blood flow therefore muscles can be pushed to their maximum, thus greatly enhancing endurance.  Cordyceps also increases adrenaline production.   When using Cordyceps the foods you eat are more fully absorbed into the body. It also helps your body make more efficient use of protein and other nutrients from your food, so your will have more of the necessary building blocks for good health.  

It is an unusual mushroom whereby a fungus lands on the head of a caterpillar.   The caterpillar is completely consumed by the mushroom (fungus) but retains its shape.   Therefore it appears just like a dried caterpillar.   However, it is now 100 percent vegetarian fungal material. It is found in the high peaks of mountains of Tibet and China. The mycelium is more commonly used than the mushroom due to the growing scarcity of the mushroom in the wild and the higher purity of organically grown mycelium.  

Researchers have found that Cordyceps have a wide-range of benefits.


• Anti-Deep Cellular Malfunctions
• Immune system stimulation
• Substantially inhibits the proliferation of human leukemia cells
• Greatly benefits lung disorders
• Improves and increases physical endurance
• Reduces cholesterol levels
• Discharges excess fluids from the lungs and windpipe
• Effective against coughs, mucous, asthma and other respiratory ailments
• Lowers blood pressure and increases blood supply
• Improves memory and mental function
• Cardiovascular agent
• Rich in polysaccharides
• Increases blood flow to the brain
• Liver fortifier
• Protects the lungs and kidneys
• Alleviates fatigue
• Asthma treatment
• Improves cognitive and emotional health
• Improves nutrient absorption
• Aphrodisiac
• Promotes more restful sleep
• Great for Athletes

Organic Cordyceps Powder