Cellular Intelligence 10th Power

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Finally, Baratunde the Herbalist is ready to share this phenomenally potent tonic with the world named, CELLULAR INTELLIGENCE! To date, it has been aging and harmonizing for 10 years...and is ready for release! This powerful selection of ingredients boasts the King and Queen of antioxidants...Chaga Mushroom and Aronia Berry, both holding the highest Orac Value of berries and plants available. ORAC is an acronym for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. The ORAC value was developed to measure the total antioxidant free radical fighting capacities in certain foods. In today's modern world with the extreme decline in nutritious foods, our bodies need as much free radical fighting power as possible!

• Helps DNA degradation
• Super antioxidants!
• Destroys Free Radicals in the body
• EXPONENTIALLY Boosts the immune system!
• Helps fight heart disease and other cardiovascular ailments
• Promotes good cholesterol levels
• Helps control blood pressure
• Improves blood circulation
• Fights bacteria and viruses
• Maintains healthy blood sugar levels
• Helps fight colds and the flu  
• Nourishes the brain and nervous system - strengthens memory
• Aids proper digestion  
• Provides the body with essential oils
• Possesses anti-inflammatory properties
• Helps repair and maintain lung function and can help reduce coughing
• Promotes a healthy urinary tract
• Slows down the aging process, speeds up the healing process  
• Helps prevent blood clots from forming  
• Helps prevent the body from storing fat around the abdomen
• Great for benefitting broken bones and burnt skin
• Healthier skin tone & elasticity, hair, teeth, gums & nails
• Hyaluronic Acid which helps lubricate joints
• Removes heavy metals  

• Great for personal and spiritual growth,
• Helps restores balance and harmony to the mind and emotions,
• Higher self-confidence,
• Improved sensuality,
• Lowers stress and tension in the heart
• Better concentration and alertness


Aronia berry, pulp and seeds & concentrate Chaga Mushroom Elk Antler (Pantocrin) 16 Medicinal mushrooms Reishi Mushroom Raw Cocoa Diatomaceous Earth Grape Seed Extract Plant Derived Minerals 77 Plant Derived Minerals Qi Kung Transmission Infusion *Amethyst Crystal, Tibetan Quartz Crystal & Rose Quartz Crystal Elixir THE ABOVE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION.