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The Blood Regenerating Tonic is our flagship product. Our Blood Regenerating tonic cleans and vitalizes the blood and helps the body to utilize nutrients so as to function optimally. The main function of blood is to supply vital nutrients like oxygen and glucose to our cells, tissues and organs. Equally as important, our blood also removes sludge and waste products (liquid manure) that build up from ingesting junk foods, meat, dairy, drugs, radiation and synthetic chemicals, etc. Unhealthy blood causes the body to decrease oxygen and nutrients to the extremities in an attempt to get more oxygen and nutrients to the trunk/torso. This is what causes poor circulation, our blood becoming too thick and slow to move (circulate).

Also, this liquid manure makes our blood over acidic. Our blood is meant to be alkaline. When blood is acidic, it decreases the ability of cells, tissues and organs to get oxygen and nutrients. Blood also enables cells and different substances such as amino acids, lipids and hormones to be transported between tissues and organs.

Our Superior Blood Tonic is an extremely potent tonic designed to clean and enrich the blood, nourish the Kidneys and harmonize the organs. Our Blood Tonic removes the sludge and waste build up while powerfully rejuvenating the blood. The formula is headed by Polygonum, used for thousands of years for its blood enrichment and longevity qualities. In addition, this formula also includes major blood Superior Herbs known in (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a Superior Herb this means that these herbs can be taken over a long period of time with virtually no harmful side effects.

Because of its broad spectrum qualities, our Blood Regenerating formula accomplishes all kinds of major tasks, including detoxification, purification of body tissues, strengthening and stabilizing the immune system, balancing the major functions, building deep Essence, improve adaptability, establishing a fundamental level of protection and stabilizing the nervous system. Our BLOOD REGENERATING tonic increases the cardiovascular system as a whole. This powerful Blood Formulation can be used as a basic blood tonic by anyone, young or old, male or female. It is a superb anti-aging and rejuvenation formula. The benefits may be almost instantaneous and profound while for others the influence may be subtle at first with cumulative effects developing over time. You start to feel balanced and strong inside. You start having abundant energy when you need it and yet you feel relaxed and at peace.

For those planning international travel, The Blood Regenerating tonic, (along with Miracle Emerald Greens, Immune Protection or Immune Protection 10th Power), provides you with triune extra protection needed to combat foreign maladies (i.e., Malaria, Yellow Fever) that afflict many travelers.

Many lifelong conditions and diseases are the direct result of a polluted blood stream. We think it necessary that everyone place focus on their precious life is supremely primary to your health. As you can see, this indispensable essential that affects every tissue, cell and organ of your body must be given daily regard and attention.

CONTRAINDICATION: Do not take first trimester of Pregnancy...Excellent before and after first trimester.


• Cleans and vitalizes blood

• Builds red blood cells and white T cells

• Lowers High Blood Pressure

• Beneficial for Cancer and chemotherapy patient

• Sexual Enhancement

• Improves asthma

• Improves allergies and sinuses

• Relieves headaches

• Boost immune system

• Kidney, Heart and Liver food

• Increases energy

• Improves Cardiovascular, Neurological and Metabolic Systems, Endocrine System, Respiratory System, Reproductive system, Excretory System

• Keeps skin beautiful

• Women's Health

• Male Virility

• Strengthens hair growth and helps premature graying hair

• Strengthens back and knees

• Produces fertility in women

• Good for lactating mothers

• Great for international travel protection

Spiritual Intentions, Wild Red Reishi Mushroom, Chaga Mushroom, Polygonum, Gynostemma, Wild Steamed Rehmannia, Shilajit, Lycium, Wild Tibetan Rhodiola, Wild Dang Gui, Chang Bai Red & White Ginseng, Moringa, American Ginseng, Diatomaceous Earth, 77 Plant Derived Minerals, Elk Antler, Schizandra, Wild Astragalus, Wild Codonopsis, Wild Notoginseng, Wild Eucommia Bark, Red Asparagus, Noni, Aronia Berry, Cordyceps, Poria, Snow Lotus, Ligusticum, Longan, Citrus, Cuscuta, Rose Bud, Cinnamon, Royal Jelly, Wild Tennessee Mt Honey, Organic Grapeseed hydro-alcohol, Passion, Time & Much Love.

*NOTE: Our Canadian source of Elk is not killed for their antler. They are raised like pets and are especially cared for because their antlers are very valuable. The soft antler of the deer is removed (seemingly painless; like hair or nails) from the deer when it has grown just two or three spikes and is still covered by velvet. The deer grows new antlers that same season, which are not harvested. The tip of the antler is the most potent part because it contains the most active substances for all forms of regeneration. The Remembered Foods uses deer/elk because of its very unique regeneration properties, however, we will never participate in the cruelty of animals to make any of our products and to date, Elk Antler is the only animal bi-product used in our products. (See Pantocrin Frequency)