AN HERBAL CONNOISSEUR is one who has a refined and cultivated appreciation of the true art and taste of herbal tonics.  A Chinese Herbal Connoisseur is one who understands that Superior Chinese Herbalism is a way of life with emphasis on prevention and maintenance…your plan to age gracefully.  One is only as young as their organs and body systems remain young.  So a deliberate way of life that preserves and strengthens us can only ensure health beyond danger.  An herbal connoisseur adopts this as their philosophy on life…and it shows.  The Forgotten Foods…Remembered has preserved and evolved Superior Chinese classic formulations into natures finest. And we now share them with you.

Herbalist, Baratunde uses a one-of-a-kind unique alchemical process that gives our finished products a high frequency vibration and the Superior edge.  He meticulously processes these tonics by hand.  They are aged and buried on a new moon for months in the earth, for a natural electro-magnetic harmonization… until they are un-earthed on a full moon.  They are charged again with a family of Amethyst crystals and with his Qi Kung energy and only then…bottled for use.  No product comes to your family until it is aged for at least 13 moons…making these elite elixirs for connoisseurs only.  True connoisseurs can taste and feel the qualitative difference.  True connoisseurs truly appreciate the extra mile Baratunde goes to deliver the best.

Connoisseur Club FlaskTHE CONNOISSEUR CLUB is for members who seek health, happiness and longevity as a way of life.  These members appreciate and insist on the best that Mother Nature has to offer.  THE CONNOISSEUR CLUB is a limited membership.  We offer our members a monthly program that:

•    Includes a re-fillable signatured (personalized) Forgotten Foods membership flask,
•    A monthly Tonic Auto-Ship program that meets their herbal needs,
•    Discounts on tonics when participating in Tonic Auto-Ship,
•    Periodic free samples of new tonics
•    Access to Baratunde’s personal private stock collection.
•    Plus more perks to come…

Forgotten Foods Membership Flasks Available sizes
4 oz flask        
5 oz flask
6 oz flask
6 oz double flask

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