BaratundeKayahKayah and I travel all over the world and share our experiences, our healing ministry and our wellness journey up close and personal through speaking engagements. When we come to speak to your unique town, group or family we tailor the share so that every person leaves our event with empowerment tools that allow for a new regeneration of the body and a recommitted to life purpose.

We teach how to assist the body in fighting its own battles…we share what our cells are missing and how necessary it is to adopt a supplemental regiment in addition to ordinary foods. In a world that is becoming void of pure natural foods our timely message is very much needed, if you are preparing your family to surthrive these times. Prepared Readiness has always been one of our messages and ministries during these prophetic times. We customize each engagement to suit your specific needs.

With the new emergence of the plandemic, we are waiting til more info is stable before planning an itinerary.  Be sure to be on our email blasts list so that we can keep you posted. Thank you for your trust and interest in The Remembered Foods.