Forgotten Foods



At the truth behind our product superiority, is the phenomenon that herbalist Baratunde, the father of Forgotten Foods, has a natural relationship with the plant kingdom, whereby like the late great George Washington Carver, the plant world communicates with him directly. This spiritual fact separates us from mainstream commercial supplemental products. This also assures a rare quality of trust and integrity of the product. Always.


What separates us from the rest, is our story. Our business was birthed out of popular demand. Friends, family and community encouraged and insisted that we make these tonics available to the public. However, the original thought that Baratunde had behind the product was ‘how do I create the most potent product possible for my family?’ Baratunde sincerely set out to create powerful Tonics for his family…the idea of business came second, to the idea of quality and potency…and he spared no expense. This is what we mean by the “private stock” series. These are genuinely connoisseur standards. Our product story is a story of high integrity and humble beginnings.


If you have ever tasted a typical Chinese Herbal Tonic….Yuk! When tasting our product, you would taste immediately a vast difference in palatability. It is very common to get compliments on our taste, because consumers know that herbal supplements can be bitter…and therefore very difficult to ingest. This is a common complaint as to why people find it difficult to be consistent and maintain continuity when using herbal supplements. Baratunde goes the extra mile to harmonize the best possible remedy into a finished product that even children can palate. His Trade Secret recipes are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated.


Unlike most commercial Chinese Tonics sold in America, most of our major Tonic Herbs used in our formulas are grown wild and come directly from the Jilin Providence in the Chang Bai Mountains in Northeast China.  This is considered one of the most renowned and potent areas for naturally grown Chinese Herbs.  In other words, the primary Tonic herbs used to make up our products are not your typical domesticated hot-house cultivated.  This gives THE FORGOTTEN FOODS products a natural Superior potency and life force.


In (TMC) Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese herbalism has traditionally been divided into three fundamental levels. These three levels were first described in the original classic of Chinese herbalism, attributed to the Emperor Shen Nong approximately three thousand years ago.  The three levels are Superior, General and Inferior herbalism.  We use primarily Superior Herbs in all of our Forgotten Foods Tonics.
The Superior Tonic Herbs are known as the rulers and focus on the maintenance of life.  These are unparalleled, legendary herbal substances that have stood the test of time.  Each on its own merit has come to be recognized as the true crème-de-la-crème Super Tonics and are considered the most important set of herbs on Earth. These herb foods are not medicines so we can ingest these foods in larger amounts or over a long period of time and not have harmful side effects.


The Chinese have chronicled their discoveries and formulas and have passed the knowledge along from generation to generation for thousands of years, creating the most fully developed herbal system in the world.  Forgotten Foods use some of the same proven and tested base formulations used by the traditional herbalist, healers, Taoist & Buddhist priest, and spiritual health seekers of many generations.  These formulations have for millennium been documented and considered Superior.


All FORGOTTEN FOODS tonics are meticulously processed by hand, aged and buried on a new moon for months in the earth, for a natural electro-magnetic harmonization… until un-earthed on the full moon. They are charged again with a family of Amethyst crystals and with Qi Kung energy and only then…bottled for use.  No product comes to your family until it is aged for at least 13 moons. This one-of-a-kind unique alchemical process gives our finished products a high frequency vibration and the Superior edge.


As stated above, because these formulas were initially intended for personal use…they are particularly crafted with Love and Spiritual intent. There is no substitute for Love and Spiritual Intent.  When you compare THE FORGOTTEN FOODS products with typical commercial herb products, you can see, feel and experience why we say our products are by far…Superior. As stated above, because these formulas were initially intended for personal use, they were also  particularly  crafted with Love and Spiritual intent. Again, there is no substitute for Love and Spiritual Intent.  When you compare The Forgotten Foods products with typical commercial herb products, you can see and feel why we say our products are by far…Superior.