Dear Remembered Foods Family!

We pray you are well with you and yours as we embrace for this dawning of a new nay and prayerfully progress ourselves into a "new" year. We always say "new" year because nature announces it's new year at the spring equinox when all of nature is budding with lifeforce...not the dead of the winter   But Yes, the entire planet and humanity is undergoing vast changes and experiencing all new realities. So the question is...what reality are we choosing for ourselves?

Kayah and I have chosen to continue on the evolutionary path of bringing authentic Earth Medicine to you and your family and to the world.  We are choosing the path of becoming more and extending ourselves in greener & lusher soil.  As you may know, we have made the quantum leap into the Belize Central American rain-forests to bring you the real deal. It is from this new base of nature & vitality we will be bringing you products with enhanced vibrational frequencies that far exceed any products on the market. 

Meanwhile, if you have found yourself on this site or are a part of old The Forgotten Foods family, there is a high likelihood that you already know that there is a deliberate, systematic, global assault on humanity’s health and well-being.  It has always been the globalist agenda but it has now taken to the surface for all to see. With that said, THE foremost important way to surthrive these times would be to focus on keeping your immune system strong. With the body being bombarded with toxins coming from every direction; the food, water, air, EMF’S, chem-trails...toppled with unprecedented levels of fear and stress, we must seek  Mother Nature for the real strength.  She has the medicine we need in her plants.  We need trustworthy sources that are natural and potent.  Kayah and I commit our lives to assuring you that our products are as close to the plant as you can get.  And we thank you for your Trust. 

Currently, the supply chain of goods and products has been drastically broken.  The good news is that most of our trusted sources have survived the assault waged on small businesses.  The bad news is that every last vendor and source has had to increase their prices...without exception.  So with that said, we must pass those increases forward. So expect the prices of all of your favorite products to rise beginning January 1, 2021. 

Lastly, thank you all for extending the patience while we “reset” our business.  It is painful knowing that so many of you truly depend on our products to keep you strong and healthy and we are unable to deliver in a timely manner. With that said, we do have some good news. In the future, we will be using a fulfillment company to ship your products to you within 24 hours, offering you faster service.  The bad news is for all order after Dec 2020...your products will be delivered by the end of February. By that time, our complete shipping & handling system should finally be in place so that placing orders in the future will be an upgraded experience.  

Thank you again for your continued Trust and patience.

Your Personal Herbalists,

Baratunde & Kayah Ma'at