EAGLE EYES – This is a potent eye strengthening formula, especially for those over 40.


FERTILITY ELIXIR – This formula has been known to assist women desirous to conceive. 


EXPECTING MOTHERS - Mothers, expect a potent tonic that is rich in vital nutrients for you and your baby during and after your pregnancy.


THE ART IN SHAOLIN – Ancient authentic training secret formula from The Shaolin Temple for conditioning and fast injury recovery.


DIT DA JOW – Classic topical formulation for martial artist and sports enthusiast for speedy injury recovery.


HONEY AND CINNAMON- This simple but awesomely powerful formula is known to be a panacea for the entire body.


PET GREENS – Our pets’ diets commonly mirror the state of our own, and as a result, many commercial pet food formulas lack the nourishing, vitamin-rich, plant-based ingredients that are present in the diet of wild canines and felines. Without the benefits of the grasses, fruits, and plant material their wild counterparts get from eating their herbivore prey, our pets are developing “human” health problems at alarming rates. Fortunately, Pet Greens can help you reverse this trend by getting health-building greens into your pet’s diet. A daily dose of this powerhouse powder can offer your pet a world of good health.  Extend your pet’s life with The Forgotten Foods super-foods Pet Greens.


BEE RESILIENCE – The ultimate natural preventative medicinal foods.  These products consist of the finest Honey, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Propolis.


GEM ELIXERS – Crystals and gems all have special characteristics and properties.  The ability of gem stones to invigorate the spirit, balance the emotions and heal the body has been known since ancient times.  There is an ancient alchemical technique whereby the energy patterns and properties of gems, crystals and herbs can be infused into elixirs.  In India, it is a protected science that is only passed down by oral tradition.  


FORGOTTEN FOODS SALAD DRESSINGS– Coming soon on a raw salad near you!  The Forgotten Foods will be introducing their Chinese herbal salad dressing line.  We have 3 amazing mouth-watering herbal recipes that are sure to win your palates and offer you the nutrition and protection that you expect from a Forgotten Foods product.  In addition, we will debut an herbal sundried tomato product.  This recipe will likely re-invent the sundried tomato industry…unlike any sundried tomato ever. 


THE ANCIENT WAY TRADITION – We are proud to announce THE ANCIENT WAY TRADITION time proven formulas of the finest ingredients.  These are authentic formulas developed by martial arts masters in the mountains of central China to foster inner strength and development.  These are Shaolin Monastery secret prescriptions.  We adhere to the traditional method of processing tonics by hand and aging them in airtight bottles for a minimum of one year.  Experience the ultimate elixir cultivated in The Ancient Way Tradition, coming soon.