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Eucommia Bark

(Organ Associations: Kidneys and Liver)

  • Extremely safe and non-toxic; can be used daily
  • Best known Chinese Tonic for building a strong, sturdy, flexible skeletal structure
  • Kidney tonifying effect
  • Safely reduces & regulates high blood pressure; especially beneficial to those with high blood pressure
  • Strengthens the back (especially lower back)
  • Strengthens the skeleton
  • Strengthens the joints (especially knees & ankles)
  •  Provides strength & flexibility to the ligaments & tendons
  • Helps mend damage to tissues
  • Used by athletes & martial artist to strengthen the entire body
  • Longevity tonic
  • Sex tonic for men and women
  • Helps slow down ejaculation
  • Promotes Healing
  •  Supports endocrine system
  • Helps clear away foreign material from the blood stream by the white blood cells
  • NOTE:  Eucommia is the primary herb of choice for lower back & knee problems, including pain, stiffness, dislocation, swelling & weakness