Connoisseur Club Flask

We created The Connoisseur Club for three very important reasons:

  1. To ensure that YOU, our True Connoisseurs and Loyal Customers have a way of insuring that you receive your Forgotten Foods products every month without fail because YOU know that having this very vital cell food every day adds to your overall wellbeing and longevity.
  2. To ensure that YOU, who have made the decision to make Forgotten Foods a part of your daily prevention and maintenance regiment can now get our products at our discount price…ALWAYS.
  3. To cultivate a wellness culture of herbal connoisseurs and health conscious families.



Fill out our short Membership Agreement where you agree to our monthly product auto-ship program. This is where we automatically process your credit or debit card on the same day each month… and we automatically send you your product. Members must pay a one-time 6 or 12 month special membership fee of only $35 and can choose between 2 different memberships. Members can secure as much as 15% discount on their monthly orders. Members are not penalized should they need to cancel their membership before the agreement expires.

The Connoisseur Club is for members who seek health, happiness and longevity as a way of life. These members appreciate and insist on the best that Mother Nature and Father Time have to offer… and they choose not to run out of their trusted products. We especially welcome those of YOU who are clear that it’s time for a new life-changing upgrade to your normal regiment… and consistency is the key! Kayah and I thank you for your continued trust and patronage. We welcome you to The Family Elite Connoisseur Club…For Members Only.

Your personal herbalists,
Baratunde the herbalist
& Kayah Ma’at
The Forgotten Foods....Remembered



  • 15% discount on monthly order when participating in product auto-ship
  • This membership discount offers you a limited opportunity to lock down your favorite Forgotten Foods products at discount prices.
  • Engraved Forgotten Foods Membership key chain Flask
  • A monthly product auto-ship program that meets your daily herbal & nutritional needs
  • Periodic free samples of new tonics before they are released
  • Assurance that you will not run out of your essential daily products
  • No penalties for canceling your membership
  • Our continued great customer service from our office service personnel.

AMETHYST Membership
ONE TIME Membership Fee: $35 $10
15% discount on a minimum of 2
products monthly (+S&H)

AMBER Membership
ONE TIME Membership Fee: $35 $10
15% discount on a minimum of $200 worth of products
(8 & 16 oz. products apply to this plan)


Download and Complete The Connoisseur Club Special Discount Membership Agreement

Download Membership Agreement

Download the Membership Agreement pdf where you agree to the terms of our AUTO-SHIP program. This is where we automatically process your credit or debit card on the same day each month for the same price (plus Shipping and Handling) ...and we automatically send you your products.