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Alkaline Chlorophyll Green Superfoods 12 Superior Chinese Tonic Herbs
16 Medicinal Mushrooms African Moringa
Himalayan Shilajit 77 PLANT DERIVED MINERALS!
Sea Vegetables Super Antioxidants
Diatomaceous Earth

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Natural mineral-rich supplement - Boosts immune system - Removes heavy metals and toxins - Reduces food cravings - And more!  

The Truth About The Food You Eat

Unfortunately, we are living in the days when our daily food supply lacks nutritional value.

Basically, when we set down to breakfast, lunch or dinner we are ingesting more toxins than nutrients. This is because of...

  1. The GMO takeover of our basic food supply. In an average grocery store, roughly 75-90% of processed foods contain genetically modified organisms or GMOs, depending on the store.
  2. The Chemtrails that pollute our air and eventually contaminate the soil which grows our food.
  3. The sobering fact that if the minerals are not in the soil they are not in the plants. Plants do not manufacture their own minerals. Our minerals come from the soil. So even when we go the extra mile and shop organic, there is still no guarantee that minerals are in the plants. Most of our produce suppliers are mostly focused on cosmetics and getting the commodity to the market-place...not the nutritional value of the produce. Sadly to say, this is a nightmare for vegan, vegetarians, raw foodists and those thriving to eat more plant based foods because we are expecting to receive our nutrition directly from our plant sources.

As stated by the U.S. Senate as far back as 1936, "Our physical well-being is more directly dependent upon the minerals we take into our systems than upon calories, vitamins or upon the precise proportion of starch, protein or carbohydrates we consume.

Since then, minerals like iron and magnesium have dropped by more than 80%. That’s from commercial-farming technology and powerful fertilizers that sterilize the soil.

In truth, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids need minerals to perform their specific duties. Minerals have various roles in metabolism and body functions. They are essential for the proper function of cells, tissues, and organs.

Our Food Has Changed

We’re Eating Fruit with No Vitamins and Vegetables with No Minerals.

Commercial-farming technologies, including chemical fertilizers, have wiped out much of the nutrient content in the soil our produce is grown in.

Minerals like iron and magnesium have dropped by more than 80% from commercial-farming technology and powerful fertilizers that sterilize the soil – leaving it with little to no mineral content.

If the soil doesn’t have minerals, there’s no way for vegetables to absorb them.

And that’s bad news for your health.

Magnesium regulates over 300 bodily functions everyday and is critical to heart health and healthy glucose metabolism.

...But the story doesn’t end there...

What’s worse, fruit and vegetable growers create “hybrids” for the sake of making their produce “look better.”

They actually create new versions of all your favorites so they have more water, more sugar, more pith (the indigestible support tissue like the white fibrous netting around an orange section), and less of everything else.

Growers call this the “dilution effect.”

For them, more water and more pith help their produce ship well, look good, and weigh a lot. But it virtually wipes out their vitamin and mineral content.

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Miracle Emerald Greens 10th Power Benefits

  • Complete nutritional supplementation for all ages
  • Provides Phyto-nutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, immune-modulating, antioxidants and high degrees of chlorophyll
  • Feeds and stimulates cell growth for the biological makeup of the body (skin, flesh, muscle, fascia, lymphatic, organs, blood, bone and bone marrow)
  • Excellent natural supplement for cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol, low energy and gaseous stomach
  • Aids in improving red blood cell count & boosting the immune system
  • Rich in polysaccharides enhances energy storage and body structure
  • Highly oxygenates and alkalines the entire body
  • Creates healthy gut bacteria for improved digestion
  • Removes heavy metals & toxins from the body
  • Effective in preventing and shrinking tumor growth
  • Slows down aging
  • Speeds up the healing process
  • Perfect for fasting or dieting, it keeps your stomach satisfied
  • Reduces food cravings
  • Strengthens the physical, mental and emotional bodies
  • Naturally eliminates body odor
  • And, Great for Pets!

Miracle Emerald Greens 10th Power All Organic Ingredients


  • Cracked-Cell Chlorella
  • Blue-Green Algae
  • Spirulina
  • Alfalfa Leaf
  • Wheat Grass
  • Dandelion Leaf
  • Barley Grass
  • Spinach
  • Dulse Leaf
  • Kelp
  • Papaya Leaf
  • Spearmint


  • Gynostemma
  • Himalayan Rhodiola Root Ginseng Leaf
  • Reishi Mushroom
  • Ginkgo Leaf
  • Schizandra
  • Astragalus
  • Dang Qui
  • Fo-Ti
  • Sacha Inchi
  • Siberian Ginseng


  • Reishi
  • Maitake
  • Cordyceps
  • Turkey-Tail
  • Blazei
  • Meshima
  • Suehirotake
  • Birch
  • Polypore
  • Oyster
  • Shitake
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Chaga
  • Agarikon
  • True Tinder Polypore
  • Tremella
  • Ganoderma Applanatum


  • Himalayan Shilajit (contains 84 different highly bioavailable minerals)


  • Grape Skin
  • Grape Seed
  • Noni
  • Maca
  • Orange Peel
  • Beet Root
  • Lemon Peel
  • Vitamin C
  • Bromelain




  • African Moringa
 Learn more about the benefits of the ingredients in Miracle Emerald Greens in the full booklet! 



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Natural mineral-rich supplement - Boosts immune system - Removes heavy metals and toxins - Reduces food cravings - And more!