Majestic Mushrooms 16

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Our powerful MAJESTIC MUSHROOM 16 complex powder contains 16 of Mother Nature's best polysaccharides for killing malignant cells in the body and fortifying the immune system. This blend of highly sourced mushrooms offer your cells medicinal superior quality. Research has shown that using a blend of medicinal mushrooms greatly increases the immune enhancing potency, compared to using mushrooms singularly. Remember, Majestic Mushroom -16 is for daily immune boosting and disease prevention.

• Anti-tumor, anti-cancer
• Anti-diabetic
• Immune enhancing
• Anti-viral
• anti-bacterial
• Anti-Inflammatory
• Anti-oxidant
• Lowers blood pressure
• Strengthens cardiovascular
• Anti-fatiguing
• Cholesterol reducing
• Anti-candida
• Strengthens kidneys, liver and lungs
• Powerful nerve tonic
• Enhances sexual virility
• Reduces stress
• Enhances the oxygen-absorbing capacity in the lungs thereby enhancing stamina
• Great for chemotherapy patients