WELCOME TO THE REMEMBERED FOODS (formally The Forgotten Foods...Remembered)

As humanity struggles to balance itself through an unsolicited global reset, The Forgotten Foods...Remembered is seizing this transitional energy for a deeper spiritual change. Now more than ever before it’s time for the Great Remembering! Humanity is being forced to REMEMBER WHO WE ARE...and THAT OUR FOODS & MEDICINES MUST BE PRODUCTS OF THE EARTH.

If you have found yourself on this site, chances are you know what we know....that we must get back to Earth Medicine...and that God put the medicine in the plants. Our commitment is to bring you the POWER of the plants in each bottle of THE REMEMBERED FOODS. These herbs will get us through these uncertain times...and beyond.

Product Updates

Letter from your Family Herbalist, Baratunde the Alchemist regarding the 2023 Product Availability Plan

OUT OF STOCK: Blood Regenerating w/Shilajit

Shipping News

  • Postal shipping delays have been reduced, so you can expect your orders within 10 to 14 days.
  • Please make your purchases with that in mind.


Dr. Sahu Omri
ND, OMD and Kinesiologist
I have studied Imperial Oriental and African medicine for over 30yrs. These products are world class and designed for royalty, kings and queens. Their caliber in herbal production, quality and bio-energetic is the best that I have seen in the world market of herbalism. Experience it, understand and Know!
Rehmannia Dean Thomas
Superior Herbalist in the Gate of Life Lineage
Author of the book Raw Chi
There are only a small handful of true Tonic Herbalists in the Western world. Baratunde and Kayah are among them. Upon meeting them I knew they were the real thing, and the quality and integrity of their products unquestionably reflects it.